What is in my Bouquet?

Those bouquets in your basket aren’t just for looks.  Check out what is in our bouquets lately:


One of the most versatile herbs, calendula is popular as a cheerful cottage garden flower; for its use in cosmetic and culinary recipes; as a dye plant and for its many healing properties.  It is an excellent skin healer and is used in lotions for cracked lips.  It was used during the American Civil War to treat open wounds.  The petals are edible and add a light tangy flavor and bright color to salads.  Add one teaspoon to venison or fish.  Also good to give a saffron color to soups, rices, soft cheeses, cakes, and much more.

Chocolate Mint

Mints have uses spanning from decorative to medicinal.  Recently we have been drying our mint outdoors in the sun to make tea.  Brew directly for a delicious mint herbal tea before bed or add to black or green tea in the morning.  It also makes a refreshing iced tea  whether or not it is sweetened.


That little purple flower is not just pretty- it’s oregano!  Use the leaf as you would normally use oregano.  Remember that if you do not dry it the flavor will be more delicate than what you may be used to.




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