The Copper Cricket Farm is a small diverse farm located in Machipongo, VA, offering a subscription service for vegetables from April until December each year. All vegetables are grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We care for our natural environment by letting the soil, plant and animal biology naturally care for our farm. We use minimal petrochemical inputs by farming intensively using hand labor for all planting and harvesting. Our vegetables are delivered the same day they are picked, ripe and fresh from the vine!

Our customers receive a crate of vegetables weekly. The crate contains an array of vegetables currently in season each week. Our crates contain only vegetables grown on our farm. Spring crates feature cool weather crops such as lettuces and greens including chards and kale, carrots, cabbages, celery, onions, peas, broccoli,  and herbs. As the season progresses summer vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squashes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, snap beans, onions, and others fill the crates. As the days grow shorter and the soil cools, fall crates bring back cooler weather vegetables including greens and lettuces, carrots and green onions again, snap beans, as well as winter squashes and summer crops that produce well into the fall as Mother Nature permits. Vegetable crates are delivered weekly directly to our customers’ homes or offices, if within our range, or alternatively to local central drop off points in Belle Haven, Cape Charles, Onley, and Machipongo. We offer 3 crate sizes for weekly delivery. The large size is designed to feed 4 people. It is also appropriate for 2 people who like to eat a lot of vegetables or freeze and preserve them for the winter season. The large size is available for $35 per week. The medium size is designed for 2 people and is offered for $25 per week. The small size is designed for a single person living alone who cannot consume as much food. It is available for $20. All prices include Virginia State sales tax of 2.5% as well as delivery. The Copper Cricket Farm provides flexible payment options designed to help our customers manage their food budgets. Contact us for more info!


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