Spring on the Farm

Cricket always says that you should eat food from a farm you enjoy visiting.  

Not all of you are always able to visit but with this website we thought you might all be able to pay us a virtual visit once in a while.

As spring gives way to summer we have been busy harvesting the last of our spinach. We are about to dig our first garlic.  Carol says “we hope our customers ‘dig garlic’ too”.  We continue to plant our summer vegetables, flowers and herbs.  Today we planted more eggplant, peppers, zinnias and chamomille (the baby chamomille is in the photo of the day!).

Here, at last, to help are our two interns!

Daniel and Rebecca are rising sophomores at Swarthmore College.  Daniel arrived from Mississippi last night and went straight to weeding beets and hauling compost this morning.  Rebecca hails from upstate New York and brought her cold weather with her.  Hopefully that will keep our spring veggies happy for a beautiful delivery tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and before we forget….  Please comment, post recipes, photos of your delicious dishes, and whatever else you like on our website.  We would love to hear your veggie news too!